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Outsource Municipal Licensing Services

Are you looking to streamline your alcohol licensing processes? Many municipal administrators face challenges with understanding various application types and knowing when amendments are necessary. With numerous responsibilities and limited experience in licensing, it can be a daunting task. When you outsource muncipal licensing services with AlcComply, you gain time to focus on other issues.

For example, club licensees often hold annual elections, requiring license amendments for changes in individuals and roles. Similarly, amendments are needed if an LLC adds or removes a member, or if a corporation changes its officers.

We specialize in working directly with licensees to efficiently complete and submit license applications, ensuring compliance and saving you valuable time.

Obtain Temporary Licensing Assistance

When a key staff member is on vacation or leave, processing applications cannot wait. Statutes dictate when a municipality must act on certain license applications. 

Bridge the Knowledge Gap

Staff knowledge of statutes regulations is typically gained through experience. If your staff needs to come up to speed quickly, hiring AlcComply can bridge the knowledge gap.

Improve Club Licensee Reporting

If your clubs are not submitting an annual report to your office and the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission by April 1, we can provide a template and work with clubs directly to complete it. This report is not the same as the annual report for the Secretary of State’s Corporations Division. See blog posted November 1, 2022

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