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about us


Diane Willoughby, owner and founder, was a municipal employee with 11 years of licensing experience. She witnessed the struggles of small businesses and nonprofits. Their lack of expertise and money were often  roadblocks to complying with alcohol license requirements. Diane established AlcComply in 2022 out of her passion for helping MA business owners. In 2023 consulting for cities and towns were added to the services offered.

effective solutions

AlcComply can alleviate some of the burden. Therefore, business owners can focus on running their business.  Moreover, our rates are affordable.
Municipal licensing employees have multiple duties.  We analyze internal processes and recommend improvements. AlcComply works directly with licensees to submit amendment applications, thus, giving employees time to do other tasks.
Most importantly, each client receives personalized attention.


AlcComply assesses liquor license compliance needs.  We draft applications and review associated documents to meet regulations, thus, producing accurate documents reduces processing time. 
Who likes doing paperwork? We do!
  • Assist with completion of CORI Request Form
  • Notarize documents
  • Ensure appropriate documents are submitted. For example, financial documents, lease, purchase and sale agreement may be required depending on application type
  • Complete and submit ABCC application


State Law (MGL Ch. 138) and regulations govern liquor licenses in Massachusetts. Additionally, some cities and towns have local regulations. Multiple departments may need to be involved based on changes in operation. For example, zoning, planning, health and/or building may have additional requirements. We can provide the appropriate guidance to navigate the applicant through the process.
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