Lower MA LLC Fees –Update I

Will Legislators Vote to Lower MA LLC FEES?

Great news!!  On March 11 the State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Committee reported favorably two House Bills to the House Ways and Means Committee. Both would result in lowering the certificate of registration fees for some Limited Liability Companies. There seems to be willingness to compromise. Will legislators vote to lower MA LLC fees? 

Bill H.3010 proposes to reduce the fees to $250. Bill H.3011 proposes to reduce the annual report filing fee to $250 for an LLC with a single member.

Massachusetts has the highest LLC certificate of registration and renewal fees in the United States. A reduction in fees would bring relief to small businesses. More sole proprietors, myself included, would be inclined to form an LLC if the fees weren’t so high. Thus, owners would limit their personal liability.

Is your State Representative on the House Ways and Means Committee? Is your business impacted by high LLC fees? Send an email to voice your support for a positive vote for one of these Bills.

Find your local state legislator using this link, https://malegislature.gov/Search/FindMyLegislator

I can’t help thinking of the Schoolhouse Rock video teaching How a Bill Becomes Law. If you’re in the mood for a little nostalgia or if you’ve never seen it, enjoy!

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