Connect with Legislators and Effect Change

Connect With Legislators

I started attending Chamber of Commerce events when I formed AlcComply. My goal was to network and become involved in local charitable efforts. The annual Love Your Legislator event held by the Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce on February 16 at Galliford’s Restaurant and Tavern in Mendon , MA was different. It was an opportunity to ask legislators questions and learn of issues being addressed by our state officials. The panel included Senators Michael Moore and Ryan Fattman, Representatives Paul FrostDavid LeboeufJoseph McKennaDavid MuradianBrian Murray and Michael Soter.

Extend or Continue COVID-19 Provisions

Extension of COVID-19 provisions authorized by Governor Healey allows patio/outdoor service and takeaway/delivery of alcohol with food until April 1, 2024. My question was whether these provisions would be made permanent or extended and the legislators’ feelings toward the same. Legislators were not aware of any issues with these provisions; therefore, they felt the provisions should be continued. In my opinion any issues that did exist or could exist were/can be addressed by the individual cities/towns.

Liquor License Quotas

MA cities and towns are limited in the number of alcohol licenses they can issue. The quota is determined by the most recent federal census.  Boston and other municipalities have more businesses seeking licenses than what is available. This created a market for existing licenses, thusly, some selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Erick Trickey wrote an article in the January 30, 2024 Boston Globe Magazine subtitled “A Shortage Of Licenses Makes For A System Stacked Against Small Businesses and Black Entrepreneurs. Can It Be Fixed?” 

Representative Frost is attempting to do so with House Bill No. 296 to remove liquor license caps in cities and towns.

High Fees for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

Briana Azier, a fellow chamber member and owner of Bri’s Sweet Treats, LLC, asked to whom she can speak about MA reducing the $500 certificate of Limited Liability Company (LLC) registration fee imposed by the Secretary of State’s Corporation Division. The State also requires subsequent annual report filing fees of $500.  Additionally, the State charges a $100 fee to dissolve an LLC. A couple of the legislators indicated they had included the reduction and even removal of the registration fee entirely in prior bills. However, there wasn’t enough support to enact the change.

I did some research to learn what area states charge for similar fees and found the following: 


Initial Domestic LLC

Annual Report Domestic LLC Filing Fee

Domestic LLC Cancellation/Dissolution Fee













New York 


$18 (Biennial filings required @ $9 ea.)






Rhode Island








According to, Massachusetts has the highest filing fee in the United States.

effect change

The panel encouraged members to contact their legislators to garner the public’s support in lowering or eliminating these fees.  With support from business owners, we may be able to save our hard-working, cash-strapped businesses money every year.  As Ms. Azier noted, $500 may not sound like a lot; however, to her and other small businesses it is. 

If you’re an LLC or support small businesses, contact your State Representative and Senator. If you don’t know who they are or how to contact them, you can find out here.  Together we can effect change.

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