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outsourcing document prep. SERVICES for MA attorneys

Outsourcing document prep. services for MA Attorneys brings efficiency to client service. Several firms have challenges that AlcComply can solve.  Partner with an experienced alcohol license specialist.

Your Challenges

  • Workload is exceeding staff availability
  • Providing quality service while focusing on multiple projects
  • Maintaining client base during peaks
  • Lack of time to train paralegals in alcohol licensing
  • Short staffing due to vacations or other absences

Your Solution

AlcComply provides firms with the same services that we offer to businesses.

AlcComply works directly with your clients to prepare required documents for local municipalities and the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission. You maintain your relationships with clients holding alcohol licenses while you and your paralegals attend to other matters

AlcComply invoices you monthly with detailed itemization by client. This allows you to recover our fees by billing your client.

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